Name: Brian Vincent
Occupation: Telecommunications / ski bum
Contact: --deleted-- you'll find me if you need me
Background: Varied.. BSEE, UMich

I've spent the better part of the past few decades working on various computer thingies. At various times I've been a web developer before it was even a job title, a Linux systems administrator before anyone had even heard of Linux (1.2.13 days), and worked on some electronics just because rocket scientist sounded like a cool job title.

In real life I'm a ski bum. After graduating from UM I took a detour through Ohio for 3 years where I got to work on some cutting edge Unix stuff. Then I moved to Colorado in 1999 to blow off a few months. I accidentally never left and stayed there for quite a few years before moving on to my latest endeavours. Unfortunately the Internet isn't the kind, friendly place it used to be, so this page is mostly a tribute to a time in my life when this was really important.

At one time this page was all PHP generated and did some neat stuff. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. I'll refer you to the archives of the Wine Weekly News if you're looking for any signs of productivity.